Apple Magic 2 Keyboard A1644 Used good condition


Apple Magic 2 Keyboard A1644 Used good condition


Apple Magic 2 Keyboard A1644

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There is not much to say about this.  It is the Apple A1644 Magic 2 Keyboard. It connects Via Bluetooth to your Mac.   They are great looking great quality Apples beautiful design.  This model is the newest model on the market and is re-chargeable via a Lightning cable.

These are US Qwerty keyboards.  The only difference between the UK and US keyboard is the £ symbol is not displayed on the number 3 key.  However as long as you have the mac set up to use a UK keyboard all you need to do is to remember the £ is Shift 3

We do not supply the lighting cable with this purchase.  We do offer it as an upgrade option.


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