27″ Apple iMac

  • Apple iMac 27” 5K Core i5 3.5Ghz, 32Gb, 1TB Fusion Drive AMD Radeon R9 2GB, (Grade A)



The 27″ iMac was launched in Late 2009 when they released the new style Edge to Edge glass. This model was the replacement for the 24″ model. The earlier models up to mid 2011 are the previous revision now and will only take a maximum of OS 10.13 High Sierra.  They also stil have the optical Drives in them. They are still a beautiful design and look great in any home or office.  The Newer shape model Released Late 2012 are the Razor thin design and look really special.  So if you are looking for the most modern looking massive screen iMac I would highly recommend them.   They have amazing picture quality and the sound is great.