Affordable Mac are very strict in our Grading system.  On each product it should give you a brief description of the condition of the item.

On Laptops and Desktops we use a few different Grades:

Certified Refurbished (Grade A)

Standard refurbished (Grade B)

Grade C

We also sometimes Grade the Screens separately.  We only do this if there is an issue with the screen.   In these cases you would see something that would say

Case: Grade B

Screen: Light marks

Our Grading is like this

Certified Refurbished (Grade A) is our best Quality and is almost like new.  May have some very light scratches but often nothing at all.

Grade B condition is light scratches and or maybe a small dent

Grade C is not the best condition bad scratches and or maybe some dents on the case.

All of these will however have good screens.

If we add in a screen condition it is because there is an issue with the screen.   The majority of the screens with defects are very light marks and do not affect the viewing when switched on.   This would be classed as Lightly marked Screen.

If it is Badly marked Screen it means it might impair your viewing slightly when the item is on.

Of course all of the conditions are taken into consideration when pricing the machines for sale.  So if you are looking for a better spec machine but do not have the money you can look for one that is not in as good condition but is  a much better spec than you  can normally afford.

All of our machines go through the same strict testing process and come with a full 12 month Affordable Mac Guarantee.  We use Special software to test all the components in the machine.  Hard Drive, RAM, WiFi, Keyboard, Battery, etc.